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The ARBM can be ordered pre-calibrated or can be calibrated or re-calibrated at insertion. Custom calibration or re-calibration can be done in less than a minute using an easy to follow color-code. The device may be installed manually or with automatic installation rigs. A slow flashingLED signal indicates that the correct pre-load is set while a quick flash indicates over-torque. 

Arming a rock bolt with a pre-calibrated monitor takes only seconds at insertion.

Wireless Rock Bolt Monitoring System

It works with most types of rock bolts including: Anchor-, Friction-, Inflatables-bolts, Cable, Grouted or Non-Grouted. It is compatible with most common rock bolt sizes and loads. 

15 - 63mm bolt diameters.
Class 1 - Fits 5/8 to 7/8 Rock Bolts. (For larger diameter classes see catalogue.)
Calibration: Pre-load 2.5 - 10 Tons. Overload 2.5 - 18 Tons. In 2.5 Ton increments. 
Overall dimensions: OD 3.5”, L 2.5”, ID to fit rock bolt. 

ARBMs can be added to installed rock bolts. All bolts with a tension nut can have the monitor added after they have been installed. Bolts with weld ring or flare end must have the monitor installed when the bolt is inserted. Friction and Inflatable rock bolts can now be installed with higher and exactly calibrated pre-load.

Precision monitoring of all your rock bolts, under one network, with minimal expense.

Overload   -   Preload/Displacement   -   Seismic Events

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As a result of its Patented Hybrid Energy System, the Alert Rock Bolt Monitor (ARBM) has a design life of 23 years with no battery replacement or man-hours spent on inspection and service. This is continuous 24/7 monitoring. A common technology is to resort to sampling in order to save energy. This method is not useable when an enhanced safety system is sought after. Consider that Seismic events, rock falls and rock bursts, happen in less than a second and the monitor has to be active at that very second. A monitor that is only on guard a fraction of the time is the same as only having a fraction of the rock bolts monitored. 

Budget life cycle costs at a fraction of a cent per day. - Truly a cost-efficient safety enhancement.

The Alert Difference

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Continuous survey 24/7 for 23 years as opposed to periodic sampling

Other systems resort to sampling to extend battery lifetime. Alert with it's hybrid kinetic/battery energy storage can afford continuous monitoring.

Sampling like every second for one second, to double the expected lifetime of a conventional battery powered system, means a degrading of detection capability by 50%. 

Consider that an event may span over less than one second. If you sample for 1 second once a day that degrades the capability of detection and alarm to 1 in 86,400 events that day. That is the same enhancement of safety as using one Alert Monitor on one single bolt and leaving the other 86,399 bolts unguarded .

An ARBM will not compromise the performance of the rock bolt, as Alert is rated to 150% of the maximum load capability of its rock bolt. The ARBM is Ingression Protected to IP67.  The ARBM does not require any machining or additions to a common rock bolt.

Calibration of trigger levels can be done in the field without using instruments by using colour code. Existing rock bolts can easily be fitted with a ARBM.

Network & Communication


Calibration & Installation

The Alert Rock Bolt Monitor system is wireless. It allows for hundreds of Rock Bolt monitors per node and the amount of nodes is limitless.

The ARBM can monitor 100% of the rock bolts installed in a mine or tunnel with no wires obstructing the traffic.

An alarm signal is preceded by a location code to assist when trouble shooting. The message indicates the type of event such as, pre-load, over-load, displacement or seismic  event.

Signals are sent to a Central Processing Unit (CPU) outside the mine or tunnel. The CPU will record events indefinitely and has the ability to: issue alarms, sound horns, lock gates and relay information via Wire, Web, Cellphone or Wi-Fi. Data collected is clear, concise and simplifies trouble shooting by eliminating the need for instruments.

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